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Samex are the digital lenses from Embees crafted digitally to provide the clearest view without any strain on the eyes.

Benefits of Samex lenses

We specialize in developing powerful Samex type glasses in all size

Digital Lens

Embrace digital clarity with Samerx's advanced eye lens, engineered with cutting-edge digital lens technology to reduce eye strain and enhance visual comfort in the digital age.

Blue Block Lens

Experience enhanced eye protection with Samerx's eye lens featuring innovative blue block technology, safeguarding your vision from harmful blue light.

Scratch Resistant Lens

Samerx eye lens, fortified with scratch-resistant technology, ensures clarity and durability with every gaze.

All vision is clear

Experience the unparalleled benefit of crystal-clear vision through Samerx eye lens, enhancing clarity and focus for every moment.

Fog mark on the lens

Leave fog in the dust with Samerx eye lens, boasting a clear mark of superior anti-fog technology for unrivaled clarity in any condition.

Water Repellent

Dive into clarity with Samerx eye lens, showcasing a water-repellent feature that keeps vision crystal clear, even in the midst of rain or water splashes.

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Samex Lenses

We specialize in developing powerful Samex type glasses in all size


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I've been wearing glasses for years, and Embees lenses have truly transformed my experience. The clarity and sharpness of vision are unparalleled, and the durability is unmatched. I'll never go back to any other brand!
Rohan Sen
I recently switched to Embees lenses, and I couldn't be happier with my decision. The difference in clarity and comfort is remarkable. Plus, knowing that I'm supporting a brand committed to authenticity and quality gives me peace of mind.
Meera Sengupta
As a photographer, clear vision is essential to my craft. Embees lenses have become my go-to choice for both my eyeglasses and camera lenses. The quality is superb, and I can always rely on them to deliver exceptional performance.
Aarav Banerjee

Is Samex the right lens?

Samex lenses are crafted using advanced digital technology, resulting in superior clarity and precision. Unlike traditional lenses, Samex digital lenses offer a clearer and more precise view, reducing strain on the eyes and enhancing visual comfort.

Samex lenses feature integrated blue block technology to filter out harmful blue light emitted by digital screens and artificial sources. This helps reduce eye strain, minimize fatigue, and promote overall eye health, especially in today’s digital-centric world.

Yes, Samex lenses are equipped with a scratch-resistant coating, ensuring durability and longevity. You can trust Samex lenses to withstand daily wear and tear while maintaining optimal clarity of vision.

Certainly! Samex lenses are compatible with a wide range of frame styles, allowing you to customize your eyewear while enjoying the benefits of digital precision and blue block technology. Whether you prefer classic, modern, or trendy frames, Samex lenses offer both style and functionality for your visual needs.

Absolutely! Samex digital lenses are designed to provide clear vision for users of all ages and corrective prescriptions. Whether you need single vision, bifocals, or progressives, Samex lenses deliver uncompromised clarity and visual acuity.

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